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I posted this review in the Honda Grom Riders FB group, but I figured that I'd repost it here. This forum has been a great resource for me.

I got this shock new in the box for my OG grom in March of 2017 on ebay for around $160. I was looking for an upgrade to my OEM shock (which I found to be majorly lacking in performance). I'm only 150 lbs, but ride lots of gravel, dirt, pavement and rough roads. I also occasionally ride with a passenger. I put approximately 7,000 miles on it. Installation was easy and the ride was WAY better. Much better dampening and bump absorbing. I enjoyed lots of dirt riding, a trip on the Tail of the Dragon, and plenty of small jumps with this shock. Overall it handled just about everything I threw at it until I rode some gnarly dirt roads with my GF on the back.
It blew out the oil seal riding 2 up on legit dirt roads/trails in Colorado. It's now pretty much just a spring, which is to be expected with a blown shock. After doing LOTS of research--including several emails with YSS direct in Asia--there are no rebuild kits made for this shock. My overall opinion is that this shock was well worth the $160 I payed for it. I'd expect that if I hadn't overloaded it on weight based on the spring adjustment on legit dirt/rocky trail riding that it would still be going fine. If you're looking for a shock upgrade and don't plan to do too much in terms of intense jumps or stunting that'll majorly bottom it out--this is a great upgrade for the $$$. Even with my regular hard riding it lasted me 7,000 miles and 2+ years.
Lesson learned is that IF you want to really thrash your shock and you want to be able to rebuild it afterwards (like you're planning on keeping your grom for several years), it may be worth spending the $500 on an Ohlins or RB. BUT I could get 3 of these YSS ones for the cost of one Ohlins rear shock. I hope that my experiences can help others who are looking to upgrade their rear shock. I'm still undecided as to whether I'll bite the bullet for the Ohlins or go with another YSS for the buck.
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