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awesome. makes me want to buy one. I have one on my ruck and love it, but I'm waiting to see the other systems that come out before I throw one on Akaoni.
I know what you mean. I bought the first thing that came out. I wonder what else will hit the market in the next few months.

But I got a deal I couldn't refuse. Since to positive reviews posted here, later that day revzilla sold out. i think most companies use the same distributors??? because everyone i called said the same thing. They are backordered til oct 3-9th!

I ask him to become a supporting vendor here but he hasn't yet. At first, my connection said they were BO til the 10-9, but later that day, he emailed me stating that they received two earlier this month and only sold one!

Revzilla had them for $437 free shipping. I got my shipped for $415 and it should be here today!
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