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WV_Grom's Build Stage I

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Yes I have been asking a lot of question as of late. I need good information so I can decide what this build is going to turn into. The biggest headache for me, is concerning the FI controller. I will not plan out anything major without deciding on a controller first.

In the mean time I decided to go for a "Stage I" build on my 2018 Grom. Nothing spectacular. Many have gone before me. Oh, my 18 Grom has 2 miles on it...

This week I have added a Chimera intake, EFIE and a Hindle exhaust with the DB killer installed.

Hindle came from Woodcraft at $353.94
Chimera from MotoMummy via Amazon at 132.49
EFIE from Eagle-Research at 35.00

I will also rate as to the difficulty of the install. x/10

Hindle - 2/10
Chimera - 2/10
EFIE - 2.5/10 IF no electrical or soldering skills 6/10

The install was fairly straight forward on the above items. I picked up my switched 12V from the tail light circuit. This EFIE only draws something like 100 milliamps. No problem in using any 12V switched source. Starting at 250ma.

Hindle was a breeze also. I even reused the exhaust gasket. Sounds nice with the DB killer installed. A little louder than my FMF on my 14 Grom, but not by much.

Chimera also an easy install. Used the same crankcase breather tube, just rerouted it.

Hindle says to let idle for 15 minutes to "break in" the packing. Then let cool completely. First I have heard of this. I am at the cool down stage now. Will go for a ride in a bit & see if that darn intake is too loud for my taste.

Parts on order for stage I

Seat Concepts foam & cover $194.94
Koso BA003214 Mini air/fuel ratio meter amazon 91.10
Koso BE030200 Black Top clamp amazon 40.71

Product Pedometer Technology Electronic device Digital clock

Product Red Bicycle part Auto part Wheel

The above parts is my stage I build.

I plan on going to the "Crawl" with this configuration. At the crawl I have heard that there will be many vendors for our Grom. At that time I hope to purchase (at a discount?) items for stage II. Stage II is either going to be major motor mods or major suspension mods, or a mixture of both. I have not decided. These forks have to be modded soon. I can even envision a stage III too!

Any whoo, if you have questions or comments feel free to drop them below!
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Plug will always look "lean" it might get a bit more chocolaty colored as it goes, but those two mods even without the EFIE you would never have an issue with. The EFIE will just richen it up the right amount and you will be even better.

Also agreed, if you plan on doing clutch spring upgrades, just go full out the first time, billet plate and much stiffer clutch springs (clutch lever pull wont be bad even with much stiffer springs)

This is the cheapest place i found, make sure to select 6 finbro springs

Honda Grom/MSX125 Billet CNC Clutch Plate Kit [KEVTEK] - $49.99 : The Sic Shop, Stunt Parts Store
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