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Wouldn't start issue

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Hey folks 61miles on the msx and the dam think would not start this morning. It has been on the optimate charger and I tested the voltage 13.4 volts.

Ignition on and pressed the start button and nothing not even a sound. Checked the kill switch all as it should be the transmission was in neutral with kick stand down.

Gave the msx a shake from side to side then pushed front suspension down and lifted kick stand up ignition on and she fired up straight away.

Any ideas what this problem could be as I was stranded for 10min before she fired into life.
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Not dropped the bike ever. I just rolled her out the garage 5 meters and tried to fire her up. My thoughts were on kick stand switch but surely it would start as bike was in neutral and not in gear.
Always start bikes with clutch in when it never fired tried with clutch out. Strange as no signs of the engine even trying to turn over. Battery terminals are also tight.

Just at a lost cause and scared to venture too far away from home in case it happens again. At least if I know what it cold be I will be more relaxed.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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