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Wiring help - Front Turn Signals Three Wire to Two Wire Fiasco and Electronic Flasher

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Howdy, guys. I'm a University of Florida grad, so I know exactly jack and squat about most things. So, please be kind. Installing new LED indicators up front on the GROM. Already have a MNNTHBX fender eliminator in the back, so I have already swapped to the LL552 flasher unit up front. Trouble is: the new signals up front are also LEDs, so from what I understand, they require a pure ELECTICAL flasher, not just the electromechanical model which is the LL552 and EL52 by Tridon. As you know, the original signals are a three wire setup and my new signals only have two. So, I think I have sorted out the black as the ground wire. The GROM wire has a ground, flash, and running light. So, I think I am fine with giving up the running light to make this system work. I've already got an hour or so into this project and lots of cursing. I need some advice on how to proceed. Thanks in advance.
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Good luck with this. I am following closely. I would like to have LEDS front and rear and get them to work PLUS have my front running lights.

I want it ALL.
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