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Wiring help - Front Turn Signals Three Wire to Two Wire Fiasco and Electronic Flasher

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Howdy, guys. I'm a University of Florida grad, so I know exactly jack and squat about most things. So, please be kind. Installing new LED indicators up front on the GROM. Already have a MNNTHBX fender eliminator in the back, so I have already swapped to the LL552 flasher unit up front. Trouble is: the new signals up front are also LEDs, so from what I understand, they require a pure ELECTICAL flasher, not just the electromechanical model which is the LL552 and EL52 by Tridon. As you know, the original signals are a three wire setup and my new signals only have two. So, I think I have sorted out the black as the ground wire. The GROM wire has a ground, flash, and running light. So, I think I am fine with giving up the running light to make this system work. I've already got an hour or so into this project and lots of cursing. I need some advice on how to proceed. Thanks in advance.
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Got the diodes from RadioShack and wired it up per the diagram above. Still no dice. No flash. Thankfully, that $5.19 flasher from eBay is arriving tomorrow, so maybe then I will have all the right components. Pain in the ass project, but sort of a fun puzzle to solve. My plastidip pieces are peeling from taking the signal mounts off and on multiple times. So I have to spray them down again.
The diodes don't load balance for the LED's.

I assumed you were installing a new flash relay.
.....otherwise, resistors would need to be added into the circuit.

10 ohm, 10 watt should work.
Yes sir. Diodes are pointed in the right direction and we have regained both running light and directional functionality. Still no flash. LL552 and EL2 Tridons don't work. eBay flasher arrives this afternoon so hopefully I will report back with good news.
Here's the flasher unit that is en route from Compton, CA (inspires confidence) : Flasher Relay Motorcycle LED Indicato Resistor 2 Pin 12V for Kawasaki Ninja 300 | eBay
Ok, so the lights operate, but no flash. The reason is the LED's do not have enough resistance, so your blinker speed is infinite. Adding resistance slows it down. One blink per second is the general regulation.

Adding a 10 ohm, 10 watt resistor into the circuit in line with each diode would approximate the old bulbs' resistances.

Changing the flasher relay, you wouldn't need the resistors. At this point, simply installing the flasher relay you ordered should make it work.

Good Luck!
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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