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Thanks goes to all of you that entered the ComposiMo Fender Eliminator Kit Contest! You all killed it with your entries, so thank you, and we hope to do some more in the future!

The big winner of the kit was Capn Kirk with this entry: has been giving the servers a workout I bet
All of us here are anxiously waiting
For the call that our Groms have been un-crated
I too have been dreaming about bringing her home
to park right beside more steel and chrome
While the excitement continues to grow
My shipments of farkles are seeming so slow
Most of us think the Grom has too big an ass
The first thing to do is chop it with class
This forum has given me plenty of time
To get some ideas on how to spend my dime
More than the farlkes this place is a way
To share great ideas each and everyday is a place for me to reach out
And give like minded friends a quality shout!
Your kit is in the mail brother, and thank you for playing!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts