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Wildhorse1966's Build Thread from #1822

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I got bit by the from bug right after I bought my ruckus, it didn't take long to find a dealer with one in the color I wanted but the downside was that the dealer was 650 miles away so I talked the girlfriend into spending the weekend in Salt Lake City we drove up Tuesday night got there at 8:30am and waited till the dealer opened and went in to pay for it .. I took delivery on Friday before going home

Plans for the grom;
tidy tail
tdm turn signals or other aftermarket turn signals
exhuast, either Yosh, or two brothers
14 tooth sproket
retrofit headlight

im sure there is more to do but I have too many hobbies to keep up with

here here is a couple pics before I finished strapping it down

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a little update .. I have been buying parts and saving them but this week I decided to start installing everything .. here is the pics after installing the tidy tail, Over racing pipe, Ebay mirrors and the Seat Concepts seat UPS delivered more parts today but I wont have time to install them till tomorrow or later this weekend sorry for the cell phone pics but its better then nothing
Are you tall? Does that seat help? May have to get one
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