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Didn't really know where to post this, if wrong spot, mods please move.

My wife wants to get a new non-leather riding jacket, so we first have to sell her old one first.

It's a Alpinestar Stella Ice leather jacket- color black/white. It has been worn maybe 5 times and is still in new condition.
It's not even broke in and still smells new, we still keep it in the org. bag and hanger.

Its a size small and is in perfect shape, the only thing is we took out all the pads and I really don't think I can find them.
I will have to look, but I believe you can order new ones from Alpinestar. We just always took them out of our jackets.

I'm asking $200 obo, these retail for $350, and they don't make them anymore.


this is a stock photo, but I will take pics tonight.

Alpinestars Stella Ice Jacket products and accessories for sale in Mooresville, NC

link to more info. about the jacket.

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