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Why are dealers charging $5,000 to $6,000?

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Many dealers in California are sold out of the Grom.

The ones have them left are asking $5-$6k out the door.
I laughed my ass off. There is no way in hell I am even paying $4k.
Come Christmas time...they will all be under $3500.

What it's like in your area?
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Each dealer only gets a couple this month. Then no more till December . Honda should have produced more.
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I actually found out what dealer cost is today on the grom. #2716 . That's a terrible profit margin.. I get the additional mark up. I just don't understand how Honda could think wouldn't sell. There a world production so they have to supply a lot.. Remember with California there's 30 million people so demand is high. If u had one grom and 20 people calling a day would u sell it for a 300 deal. I wouldn't . I would if I had 30 of em. I'm a diesel truck dealer.. I have a few groms, I got a good deal on 1 of them. And paid 4200 for the others.. For me waiting till December or January is just to long. California ads 2000 freight and set up on r6s and r1s...... Life is short if u grom or any mc makes u happy. Then buy it,,, the price isn't everything.
Don't get me wrong I'm not defending the 5-6 k dealer add on .... I'm just boggled that honda of america and Japan produced so few. As people said here on this great forum, they aren't even sure when they get more.. ..... Some of the people here who had there dealer change the price once the grom arrived, when they had a deposit. that's so wrong they'll lose the customer forever..... Let's stay positive,, we don't need r local dealers to go away,, I love motorcycles,
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