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While we wait, what vehicles do you own?

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Well we have the "What other bikes do you own" thread. Might as well have a "What vehicle do you own thread". :big smile:

Currently I'm a proud owner of a 2013 Focus ST.. Purchased the first white one available when they came out last year.

Cobb Tuned, 18x8 Momo Wheels
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Just sold my 07 eclipse got about 5-6 months ago to fund my spring break trip and buy something with better mpg' svt.
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Too many:
2001 Coachman RV
2005 Tahoe
2006 Tundra
2007 Tacoma
2004 Jeep TJ
1963 VW Bug
1999 HD Dyna Glide
2009 WR450F
2006 CRF150F
2000 XR250
1982 XR100
1982 C70 Passport
2000 SeaDoo Speedster
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Whew! The ST IS CLEAN!

2012 Fit Sport on swift springs
Saving for a S2000 as we speak. Cash is king.
Sold all my "toy" cars/trucks/Jeeps, just got a new Tundra Rock Warrior now...

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its in my sig, WITH the addition of a newly acquired jeep comanche. gonna try this domestic muddin shizz. lol

previous cars were 2013 accord, 2012 stanced fit, 2007 element sc, uncountable civics...15+
16 cars so far... . Nicest were 3 srt4's. Evo IX MR SE. Yahama R6s streetbike
2011 Supercharged Tundra - 504hp 580tq
2013 Harley Street Glide - 115hp 126tq
2006 MustangGT
2004 Honda 919
1989 GL1500
1978 Triumph Tiger 750
2014 Honda Grom (deposited)
2003 Honda Rebel

We all like toys right???lol

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Would have more, but my wife wont let me lol

Currently dd is a artic edition jeep wrangler 2012
2014 gt 500.
wife drives a rav 4
4 Honda mini trail hard tails
1 xl70 k0
cb200 tt

john Deere 2305. Lol


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2001 F150 with 104, xxx miles on it.

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My baby, a 1987 Mazda RX7 Turbo II. T70 swapped, currently working out the bugs on the Megasquirt. I wanted one ever since I was a little kid, finally got the chance about 6 years ago and jumped on it.

I was dailying my bike, a 2005 Buell XB12Scg, but I blew a hole in my headers a week or so ago so I am about 5 weeks out from my custom ones being finished.

In the meantime I'm driving my truck, a lowered 2004 Chevy Silverado. It is slow for now, but I am building a 6.0L in my garage that will eventually be ready to drop in and make it a little more respectable.
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There are a lot of nice rides in this thread.
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Recently got rid of my AP1 S2000 which was the biggest mistake I ever made, when I found out we were having a little one. So I went on the hunt for a "family car" and picked up my current 08 Si sedan pictured tearing up the local AutoX winning 1st place with a temp tag still on it lol - the announcers got a kick out of it too. Now I've got the 08 Si and an 04 RX8 for the 4 wheeled fun.

On the 2 wheel side of things. Just recently sold my 05 GSXR1000 that had waaaay too much $$ tied up in it. Liked the bike but I had it and (2) 07 CBR600RR's and not enough time in the day. So I sold the GSXR1000 and (1) of the CBR600RR's that was street legal and kept my CBR600RR track bike.

So with selling a few I'm left with:

2008 Si sedan AKA autox'ing baby hauler daily driver lol
2004 RX8 toy
2007 CBR600RR track bike
2008 CRF50
2007 CRF70
1982 Z50R

And hunting for another S2000, miss her so much :(. I have a bad habit of going through "toys" as I like to call them, I'd hate to try and name off everything I've messed with in my loooong 28 years in the world haha. I'm bored and can't sleep so I'll share a few pics.


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Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle
Vehicle Regularity rally Car Off-roading Landscape

Currently: The Aprilia Tuono for track days and canyon runs, the Busa for road trips and the F150 when I got the kids with me.
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plastidipped black 08 sierra crewcab sle, 12 cbr1000rr, 02 f4i stunted out currently. sold my 11 g37s sedan last week.
Here is a pic of some of our stuff. You can see more of it here. The Military page

1941 Dodge Weapons Carrier, 1968 Ford M151A2, 1968-9 M818 W/W

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I've only had a handful of cars

95 hardbody
91 MR2 (my love for the longest, too much money invested)
01 MR2 (bought while waiting for the engine for the 91 to be finished)
90 corolla
96 corolla bought for $1k, ran mint with 120k miles (traded to a buddy for the Isuzu)
92 Isuzu pickup with 250k miles (minus paint it was mint inside and out and purred like a kitten, I miss it every day :( )
00 MR2 bought a year ago, still have it, probably get rid of it soon

Two wheels I've owned
07 ruck
07 Met
07 ruck
94 elite sr50

and soon to be a Grom (aug needs to hurry)
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Wow you have a lot of MR2s. When I met my wife she had a 1st gen MR2. Then when we got married we both had it. I really hated that car. Maybe because she bought an auto but that thing was a slug, slow and will a lot of rattles.
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