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Hey guys,

Been looking around a lot lately for a new mod to put in, but can figure out what to do. I think the biggest hold back for me is lack of power for going up these steep hills. I am dropping to about 6-7mph under the speed limit. Of course this would quickly be solved by purchasing a bore kit, but nothing seems to be available right now. Currently I only have a EPA Yoshimura RS-9 slip on and it seems to have helped very little, but mainly got it for the sound. I would like to do intake, but that is currently on back order as well.

I have been thinking about going with a microsquirt standalone to fiddle with and dial in while I wait for more things to become available. It would take a good amount of time to modify the harness so I can easily switch between the stock and megasquirt. Also haven't really looked into the type of sensors that are currently on the grom and if they are compatible.

Any suggestions? Maybe a cam or sproket?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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