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I am 6'3" and right around 285 pounds (I was around 315 when I got the bike). Even at my larger weight, the bike was able to haul me around at 55-63 mph on flats without any trouble. Currently I am around 58-65mph on flats. On some long flat runs and a little down hill I have seen the speedo hit 70 without any trouble, but I dont like holding it down on 70 for too long (I tend to enjoy the rides when I am going a bit slower around 50-60mph)

I have only 3 real "challenges" but even then I dont consider them bad:
1) The shocks could be stiffer I feel as I have bottomed it out once or twice. I am looking to turn mine more into a dual sport next year for some off-roading fun times so I will adjust the suspension at that time

2) Strong Head Winds - Due to my size and the bikes size a strong head wind keeps me around 50-55 which isnt a complaint as this is a small bike and I didnt buy it to go 100mph. Even when I tuck I only hit 58 into a head wind but I dont bother anymore....strong head win just means I get to enjoy the bike for a few minutes longer on my rides

3) Hills - Now I like in the north eastern part of PA so we have a lot of hills. My local drive is flat but when I take my little Gromby into the hills for some nice twisty road driving there are some big hills. I will slow down to around 40-45 on some of the large hills but again.....its a small bike, I am a big guy and I dont expect to be hitting top speed on these hills. I do wish It had a little more power, but I own a few more bikes so if I need to be speeding up hills I will take out one of the bigger brothers
21 - 23 of 23 Posts