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What are parts you would like to see?

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Now that most have gotten their Groms and ridden them, stared at them, taken them apart.. What is something you think would look good or attribute well to the style of the bike?

Personally I think a replacement tail section (piece above the tail light) similar to the Zubiku one popular with the Zuma 125 crowd

Here's a pic I stole from Goochs Instagram of his Z125, notice the extension above the tail light, I really dig the look

If you have any ideas post them up, maybe a vendor browsing will like the idea and make it happen
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Suspension up grades.
Wider rear wheel.

13" wheel upgrades with bigger corresponding brakes.
Yeah, the tail section is a good idea if is done right. After bobbing the tail, it does need a little something back there. The srock rear fender was fugly but it did have a handy grab rail. If an aftermarket tail comes out, it would be great if it incorporates the stock grab bar.

Also we need:
Street exhaust. Different headlight. Low rearsets. Suspension mods. Steering dampener. Bigger hamster, etc.
bolt on cone filter air intakes. or i'll just make my own.
Some kind of programmer.

Dual front rotor kit.
Brake caliper adapter, and a quiet small low slung exhaust.
A proper under-tail rear fender eliminator/license plate mount. Tucked way (way) under the bike.
More seat options and maybe... a different headlight with dual lights and baby windscreen?
Integrated turn signals in the tail light. Why not keep it clean?

Flush style front turn signals -- something with a very unobtrusive look
I really want to see a 3-in-1 tail light. Signals, brake, and running all in one. It is a much cleaner look. Its what I has on my and it really cleaned up the rear end. With an all in one tail light, it would make it very simple to fab a cheap license plate mount for various locations.
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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