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Finally have a lot of the changes made. Just left with some tidying up now.
Flush mount blinkers:
Automotive tire Tire Automotive lighting Vehicle Motor vehicle

Still planning to paint the boomerrangs black.

New seat:
Automotive tire Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Motorcycle

I've only spent about ten minutes on it, but it's 10x more comfy than stock.

Narrower, lower bars:
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Tire Motorcycle

Don't know what they are. Mechanic friend had them leftover from another project.

Back side of the bar end mirror that you can see in the pic above.
Windshield Motor vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle accessories Automotive design

I'm not a wide guy, but I could never really get the stock lollipops set to where I was happy. This works much better.

LED tail light:
Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Rim Vehicle

Solid red at stop, sides switch over to yellow for flashers while opposite side stays red. You can also see the new plate mount way under the tail.

I have some odds and ends to finish, like a plug for the bar end on the right side. Thinking about some shorty levers too. I don't have a good picture yet, but I put on MNNTHBX's German footpegs, and they're great. Also had the passenger pegs deleted and ground down.

*Update: forgot the USB plug:
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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