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Just wanted to give an honest review of a custom graphic company called Volta-Supply. I wanted a set of graphics created and the process started off good. I was able to create my own graphics through them for my 2017 Honda Grom and was able to approve the final product via email.
Communication was poor from the get go with customer service (Megan) not telling me when product was sent and taking roughly 2 weeks to send after approving the original proof which their website stated so I can’t be mad at them for that. Although I had to follow up with Megan to get the status of my order and was told they were busy and only had one printer. Which I was patient with and understood as long as the product was good.
Finally they sent the product that I agreed with and was excited to see the final product.
Graphics came in and quality appeared good.
After looking at the lower shroud graphic I noticed the product didn’t match what I had approved. I asked for all carbon fiber graphics on the lower shroud but was given a product that was 3/4 carbon fiber and the back section was gloss black. (not what was shown to me in the proof)
I immediately brought this to customer services attention (Megan) who surprisingly responded right away with an apology and acknowledged that she recognized the issue that I was having with the graphics since I sent an email with the approved proof and the final product. She said she would get with their team and have it fixed which I appreciated greatly. 1 week passed and I had to touch base again with Megan because of the lack of communication on their part. She stated that they were “dealing with business issues” and would get right back to me. 2 weeks past and I touched base AGAIN with them and this time Customer Service completely ignored my email and have decided to not acknowledge, nor fix their issue that they created with their product. I had every intention to order 5 more sets of graphics for other bikes of mine but based off this HORRIBLE experience I will definitely not be buying anything else from them and HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT NOBODY ELSE DOES BASED OFF THE POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. LOOK FOR ANOTHER CUSTOM GRAPHIC COMPANY IF LOOKING FOR ONE FOR THE GROM. I’m now out $150.00 for a product that I’m not satisfied with due to their lack of execution and customer service. Thankfully they’re not the only ones so look else where.
NEVER HEARD ANYTHING AFTER THE FIRST EMAIL PIC 5-18-21 NOR THE SECOND EMAIL 5-24-21. I FOLLOWED UP BEGINNING OF JUNE AND RECEIVED NO RESPONSE AFTER STATING MY FRUSTRATION OF RECEIVING NO SOLUTION, UPDATE OR HELP. Issue started out as a simple mistake which I was willing to forgive and move on from but customer service was horrible as well as communication.

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