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Video from the Larry Tribute Ride in TN last weekend...

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Here is a video i put together real quick from the shots i got from last weekend... sorry for lack of really COOL video footage though, i forgot to record most of the time we were out riding, and other times i was out of sequence and hitting stop when i was wanting it to record, etc... i need to learn to check the gopro more often to make sure its going right... lol!

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W00t w00t!!!!!!
May not be "interesting" shots but I sure liked them. The sound is spot on what I'm looking for, verrrrrrrry nice!
That exhaust note is perfect! The socks are cool too.

John, what tires are you running?
yep.. the sound of the exhaust is awesome.. especially when it blasts by you lol
Thanks! I love the exhaust... definitely sounds perfect imho, is totally out of the way, and looks great to :) The stock airbox is in place here also, so all you are hearing is the exhaust note. If you open the airbox up, you'll get a lot of noise from that as well.

Those are the stock vee-rubber tires... I'm not wanting to spend much money on new tires for this particular bike yet... We did have a bit of a run on some wet pavement, but i sure as HELL did not test the tires out much in it based on what i've been reading... lol! These are not the roads (nor did i have the attire on) to do such things. Maybe some other day in some other setting (or just not risk it at all, and get better tires meant for it).
Cool. Can we look forward to an exhaust kit from Composimo?
What exhaust are you using?....sounds great!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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