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Very hard time going into neutral

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Just happened today just all of a sudden my Grom has a very hard time going into neutral.Have just over 3500 miles on it and been using Honda synthetic oil since about 1000 miles. At a complete stop engine running in first gear, clutch pulled in, its super hard to kick it up into neutral, so hard in fact that I even have a very hard time time pulling it up with my hand. 2nd to neutral is pretty hard too and it seems that it wants to just skip past neutral and go right into 1st. At first I thought it was the clutch adjustment and I tried adjusting it but same thing. With the engine off it goes into neutral easy. Shifting through the gears while moving feels normal but I noticed while downshifting it kind of skips neutral and just goes into first. I'm pretty sure it's not the clutch and thinking something in the transmission. Anybody have any ideas of what part of the transmission could cause this, this is my first bike and I'm not to familiar with these kind of transmissions. I just may have to go back to the dealer to check it out. :(
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rolling back or forward helps a lil. an reving it up also helps. is your idle really low?
I just went outside and did what you suggested. Chain slack is within spec, idle is around 1500RPM. I rolled back and forth a whole bunch of times while in 1st gear, clutch in trying to kick it up into neutral but still nothing. Also tried reving it up and it would just go into 2nd gear and skip past neutral around 3500-4000RPM. Thanks for the suggestions.
this happened to me and I adjusted the throw on the gear lever... 5mm adjustment and it was back to normal... vibration had rattled the lock nuts loose on the toe lever adjustment and lengthened the arm that conect the box to the toe lever...Once I adjusted it back it was immediately fine again
Cool thanks I'll try that in the morning. I only tried adjusting the bottom clutch adjustment point that sits on the motor.

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Did this get fixed? If so, how?

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I think I narrowed down the problem. I jacked up the back of the bike, started it up in neutral, held the clutch in and kicked it into 1st gear. The wheel started spinning even though the clutch was held in. I also let go of the clutch and the wheel spun the same speed.Seems like the clutch is not disengaging all the way, I adjusted the clutch cable so there was no freeplay and even adjusted the lever on the handlebar to see if it would disengage but no luck. Any solution to this problem or should I just change the clutch out? Thanks everybody for the suggestions and help, this is a great forum!
heres a video of whats going on, sorry for the bad quality.
Cool, thakns RaZed1. Ill stop by the dealer tomorrow and pick up some oil. Pretty much time for an oil change anyways, last oil change was at 2500 miles now I got 4000. :) Hopefully thats just it.
So I changed the oil today. Put in Honda
10w-30 GN4 motorcycle oil. I don't know if it made a difference. Seems like if I have been riding around then come to a stop then go from1st to neutral it goes in good but if I sit for a while in my driveway in neutral kick it in to 1st then try neutral it is very hard, so the clutch is still dragging. The bike shifts fine and everything so I'll just ride it like this until I get a new clutch. And maybe practice some burnouts and burn up the clutch to give me more of an excuse to get a new clutch lol!!

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Ah an old thread of mine. I just kept on riding and eventually it started to shift better. 2 years and 20,000 miles later the Grom runs great and shifting is good!
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