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Very hard time going into neutral

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Just happened today just all of a sudden my Grom has a very hard time going into neutral.Have just over 3500 miles on it and been using Honda synthetic oil since about 1000 miles. At a complete stop engine running in first gear, clutch pulled in, its super hard to kick it up into neutral, so hard in fact that I even have a very hard time time pulling it up with my hand. 2nd to neutral is pretty hard too and it seems that it wants to just skip past neutral and go right into 1st. At first I thought it was the clutch adjustment and I tried adjusting it but same thing. With the engine off it goes into neutral easy. Shifting through the gears while moving feels normal but I noticed while downshifting it kind of skips neutral and just goes into first. I'm pretty sure it's not the clutch and thinking something in the transmission. Anybody have any ideas of what part of the transmission could cause this, this is my first bike and I'm not to familiar with these kind of transmissions. I just may have to go back to the dealer to check it out. :(
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A fussy neutral is pretty much always from the clutch dragging. Some bikes are worse than others, but checking the clutch adjustment is step 1. I've noticed this can also just mean you need an oil change, fresh oil and the problem goes away. Different brands and weights of oil can have a big effect on this also. My Vmax was notorious for having a hard to find neutral. Using 5-40 oil helped a lot over 15-40, but I just got used to finding N while still coasting.

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I bet the CRF125 dirt bike uses pretty much this exact same motor sans EFI, I wonder if it's clutch would drop right in. Dirt clutches tend to be tougher.

Slipping out of 2nd into a false neutral on hard accel is from the engagement dogs on the gear getting rounded off. This is caused by hard clutch-less shifting from 1-2, it can happen on any bike, though again some bikes are more vulnerable than others. Always clutch the 1-2 shift, 2-3-4 you can just roll through.
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