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I know I cant be the only one in VA with a Grom. Where you guys at?
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Oh shit another Grom. BorjaQ often meets with his crew and I sometimes tag along other than that I ride by myself. Welcome.
2014 grom in Gloucester. Living the back roads is good!
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Very nice. We should gather up for a ride soon.
I would like to know if someone is messing with bore-stroke, ecu, etc. I, am doing a 160 kit, exhaust, wideband.Any words of help would be nice. Just want more pulling in the hills.
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Nobody here yet. Another and I may do the 143 bolt on since it's the only 99% proven one out right now.

Sparkle MoTion
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Another local welcome
Chesapeake Grom checking in...
Hi to the red Gromer I saw in York town today.
Hey VA gromers I might be down there for a couple days in November im driven from texas to florida to virginia beach and im trailering the grombomb. Hope all works out ide like to ride with a crew from my hometown
Always looking for new Grom riders. Anytime you will like to set up a ride with the locals let us know.
Wats up guys? I am pretty sure I'm the only grom owner in Lynchburg. not many here in central va
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Not much waiting for the nice weather to ride
I hear that. ive only been able to ride my grom a handful of times since I got it.
Finally rode today was nice out
Anyone want to ride Tomorrow (Sunday February 8th)? I am in dc, but like to get out
Not sure if I'm able to ride tomorrow
21 - 40 of 110 Posts
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