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update on shelbythekid

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Well its been a little while since I've posted anything and want to start by saying thank you to MNNTHBX for starting the donation/raffle! That was a super classy thing to do. I also want to thank everyone who donated. Trust me, every bit helps. I had a benefit dinner last week that took a ton of my time and energy. It turned out great over 400 people attented! 50 baskets were donated for the Chinese auction and we had a "celebration of life" until 2am! To bad it wasn't me that drank all that beer! I've been fighting with my blood counts. They have been bouncing all over. But, 2 days after the benefit they came back up. The many one they watch is called a tumor marker. When I started chemo it was a 79. It was an 8 this past wednesday! Man, that was great news! I still have a long fight. Sometime in the next 2 weeks I will be getting a PET scan to actually see what's going on. I Invite everyone to follow me on facebook. Shelby kostelac is my name and there is my personal page and a support page. Please feel free to request either one.
The grom community has been there for me and so you all know i will do anything in my power to help any of you out anytime.Thank you all for your donations and prayer.
PS. My grom is almost back to riding condition after my buddy wrecked it over a month ago. Its a "little" different now. Once my stock rearset comes in it will be done and Ill post some pics. Thank goodness he values my friendship and hooked me up!
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Shelby this is GREAT news. When we last texted it was all bad and the numbers were not good. Way to get that marker down to 8. Kick it's ass dude.
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