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UK Dealers waiting 6 months for delivery

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Saw this mini bike in my cousins Honda garage last week and wondered what the heck it was , spent the weekend looking at the grom on youtube , hooked , went into garage 2nd of january and told cousin to sell me the red grom in the showroom , sadly it was already sold , asked him to order me a yellow one , he told me that they are the hardest Honda motorcycles to get , he had ordered 3 in august and they still had not arrived , he phoned his area manager at Honda uk , they would be delivered end of january , needless to say i left deposit on the yellow one , 21 days and counting :)
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For anyone in the UK struggling to get one at the minute, my local Honda dealer "Craigs Honda" at Shipley West Yorkshire just got a delivery. When I called on Saturday they had 2 Yellow, 2 Red, a White and a Black one. I got mine from there and they have looked after me. They also deliver throughout the UK. Thought I'd share in case anyone was struggling....
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