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Two Bros Sticker Removal

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Not sure how many people really care about this but personally I feel like there is one flaw with the TBR pipe. And that is that damn S1R stick that covers a solid 30% of the otherwise nice looking exhaust. At first I thought that the sticker was just a heat treated sticker that I would be able to semi-easily be able to get under the edge of and pull off but I was wrong. They decided to stick a metal logo on with some adhesive. So for those of you who are like me and like the product but don't want that huge eyesore, here is a quick how-to for removing that damn sticker.

I'm assuming that every exhaust is going to have a slight gap that I have circled in this first picture here. This is the key to removing this sticker. And the further away from the center this gap is, the easier this will be for you.

Start by taking a small flat head screw driver (ideally as thin as you have and under 6" in length) and placing it in the gap between the black plate and the sticker. Now CAREFULLY use the screwdriver to work at the edge as a type of lever. The screwdriver should push against the sticker and cause it to bump up a little bit. Grab this and bend the sticker upwards. Continue working the sticker in the same manner and using the part that you already have removed to get underneath the rest of the sticker. (I used the center rivet for a little extra leverage from the screwdriver and also to minimize potential scratching of the black plate) Once you are towards one of the outside edges, it should be very easy to pull the rest of the sticker off. If I had some pliers I probably would have tried just pulling it all off once I had the first bit started. This may work.

Some things to note:
The sticker will rip even though it is part metal.
The sticker will "stretch" as you pry it off with the screwdriver.
The adhesive on the sticker will rub off the pipe with your finger so it's fine if some of it sticks to your pipe when removing the sticker.
You can and probably will put some very minor scratches on the black plate depending on how much you use it to help remove the sticker.

I tried taking a photo of said scratches that I obtained but I don't think you can see them. Mind you they are extremely small and you can only see them from about 6" away but there is potential to do more damage than I did.

Cylinder Carbon Auto part Room Muffler
Carbon Automotive exterior Font Auto part Rim

NOTE: The blemish on the silver plate is not from this removal.
I apologize for any poor explanations and if you need any more info feel free to ask.
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I lifted the corner gently with a razor blade and pulled the whole thing off with my fingers - no problem. Didn't mangle the sticker a bit and was even able to put it on my toolbox!
I was worried about a razor blade damaging the pipe by accidentally cutting into the covering on the carbon fiber. I'm a little clumsy so I didn't want to risk it.
Fair enough. I kept the small sticker one on the inside of the pipe just because its a little more suttle. Have you rode much with the pipe? What do you think? I have about 35 miles with the pipe, but my bike only has 120 on total anyway. Sounds great and maybe a little snappier on the bottem end.
Unfortunately I don't have a grom yet but I have close to $1500 worth of parts just waiting to be put on when my dealer gets mine in. Should be in the next month or so. I had a two bros pipe on my zx6r though and I definitely had some more torque in the mid and low range. I'm hoping for the same effect with this one. I'm debating cutting the pipe and shortening it though.
I'm debating cutting the pipe and shortening it though
Ha, I thought the exact same thing! Its just a fuzz too long, only for looks though. It sounds great, but is definately louder than stock and I'm sure shorter would only be louder. I'm very happy with the quality, fit etc. and it is sized for the future bore kit:furious:
I love the pipe but you are right that is one big sticker in this case less is best!
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