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Trying to find a reasoning behind this rough riding/shaking

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Bought the Grom used with 750 miles on it... seller said bike has sat for 2 months

It has a 13t sprocket on it which I love btw, but when I'm at speeds above 45 it seems like the bike shakes and is a very rough ride. I feel like it should be butter smooth unless the roads are obviously bumpy, which they are not.
After I noticed it I filled the tires to the recommended 29psi, tightened the chain, but nothing improved. It almost feels like a wheel is unbalanced or a rim is bent. The bike is still under Honda warranty so if its a problem like that I'll take it there to get fixed.

Possible problems?
Rim bent
unbalanced wheel
13t sprocket causing this?
I have no clue

Anyone have an opinions on what I should fix or anything?

For reference- 6'3" 210lbs. Weather is in the 30s
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The fact you bought it second hand the first thing I would check is the rim is true
It won't be the 13t sprocket that's for sure.
Sitting a couple of months wont do it any harm.

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