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Hi, My second gear shift seems noisy, When i shift from first to second there is a loud clunk i can hear it with my helmet on , same noise when i downshift in to second, 3 & 4 gear shifts are almost silent. All shifting done with clutch. Is this normal for grom ,, shifts fine no problems .. bike has almost 600 miles in 1 WEEK. I love this bike...:in love:
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The jump from 1st to second is a longer throw on the shift drum and detent since it also has to pass the neutral slot on the detent. (The little star looking piece that actually turns the shift drum) that extra movement makes more noise than the single click between the other gears. In closing...the noise you're hearing is totally normal. It doesn't help that the stock exhaust is so quiet that you can hear every little sound the motor makes which can sometimes be a little scary if you don't know much about what's going on between those engine cases.
So many noises that I am not used to hearing. Every time I ride, i convince myself my Grom is about to break because of something I did wrong. Scary as hell!
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