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The dunlops are going to be one of the softest tires available for the grom. I'm not a pro but I can drag knee on stock tires at the kart track with minimal slipping, the stock front tire has caused me to crash twice but that's in combination with the bad front suspension. My friend runs the pilot pures and he is happy with them and he is faster than I am. And my fastest friend has just put a set of the perlli diablos on his grom and he loves them.

Imo your issue is with either the tire pressures and not getting enough heat into the tire or the suspension. The forks cause the front to push and slip more often than my stock tires. Your probly not hanging off the bike enough while being on stock suspension, knee down allows you to keep the grom upright when it starts moving around.

Better suspension = more mean angle
1 - 1 of 119 Posts