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my weight is around 175, and a diet isnt happening, ive spent the last 3 months of non stop training and weight lifting, im not about to blow all my gains out and go back to a skinny little guy, lol, if anything ill gain more weight as i build more muscle
How much do you weigh? That's a huge factor I'd consider before considering gearing change.

With stock gearing, I think 65mph is attainable. Even going one down in the front to 14T I was able to hit 65mph all day, but I weigh 145lb geared up.

Sure, you could get more top speed by going up in the front, but it comes at a pretty big hit to acceleration.

There's not too much conflicting info online about gearing I don't think. Going down one tooth to 14T in the front is a common recommendation for some extra accel. Nobody really recommends going up to 16T in the front unless you have a BBK.

My $0.02, stick with stock gearing, let the bike break in, and go on a diet.
I weigh like 135 and I seen 68mph on dash with stock sprockets now running 13/37 and can hit about 54-56 on GPS. I'm bout to switch up to 18/34 and see what I can get out of her hope for 70 on gps
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