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TOOLS - What tools to carry with us?

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Hey guys, I am looking to put together a small tool kit for my Grom. I suppose I could go to Honda and buy the tools but I believe even Harbor Freight has better quality tools than the ones that typically come in a Honda kit - when Honda used to include kits.

So, keeping in mind the VERY limited space under the seat, what tools have you guys thought about carrying?

I already have a tiny flashlight that has come in handy.

I know I want a Philips head driver to adjust the idle occasionally.

Im thinking I might go ahead and order the Honda plug wrench and carry a spare plug.

Maybe a couple of wrenches to adjust the chain?

What are your ideas?


Recommended List:
Small Flashlight
Philips /Regular Screw Driver
Plug Wrench with PLug
Hex Keys
10,12,14,17 mm wrenches
Tire Plug Kit
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I could take my 82 XL250 almost completely to pieces using the supplied tool kit.

Things like axle nuts dont need anything like the speced torque. I rode from tx to nj with a rear axle torqued toZERO.

oh no kit in a grom!

10,12,14 mm wrenches for starters. combo philips regular, plug kit, bicycle sized fix a flat

for starters you want to be able to fix a flat.
If done with care vicegrips usually have no significant detriment to the fasteners integrity.

Your sense decorum may take a hit however and lead you to spend money to rectify the situation.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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