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Took delivery today

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The day turned out to be a special day as I was able to pick up the new bike. I'm very happy I didn't have to wait till fall to get one . If you look close at the Harbor Freight chock on the trailer there , I drilled five new holes toward the rear so hopefully I will be ready to carry any size of motorcycle if I need to my bolt together trailer works well. I guess they're about 400 bucks at Harbor Freight. I bought and assembled this one several years ago when the price was about 250. It also is a tilt unit and can be folded up and put in a corner of the garage if a person is low on space. If you don't have a pickup truck oh, I certainly can recommend this is a good way to go. The Harbor Freight chock is about $69
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Congratulations! Few things beat the feeling of bringing home a new bike!
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Very nice. I can't find any (reasonably priced) Groms or Monkeys around these parts.
Dealers also have waiting lists for their few available allotments.
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