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Tie Down Points

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Im putting the grom in my van. I placed the hooks right in front of the rear foot pegs on each side and anchored them behind the rear tjre.. I put one more strap thru the fron rim and anchored it to a point forward of the bike. Im a newbie to tie downs. Do u think this 3 point systm should work.

Btw, I tightened down just enough to take most of the weight off the kickstand. But it still leans left. I did that in case any of the straps came loose ane hopefully it would find the kickstand.

Does anyone see a problem with this approach? I thought about strapping each handlebar to the ceiling of the van using the top of the seat belt anchors.
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mainly, 2 strong ones on the front, in a x pattern, (as in make the left side strap attach to the right side of the bike). and most importantly, push the forks down while ratcheting. no need for anthing on the rear unless you plan on jumping the van over railroad tracks or something like that
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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