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Tidy Tail''''''zzzzzzz....:-)

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Not as lucky as those that are riding around on their GROMS....But I have to hand it to the Guys at CompoSimo! They shipped both Tidy Tails in less then 1 week! Plate and Non Plate ......Sweet! Food Cuisine Dish Ingredient Plant
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awesome.. soon as i pickup my GROM im riding over to John's shop.. get my tidytail.. but first i need my GROM :(
Yep. Quality piece and fast shipping and John seems like a good guy. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing what else he has in store for us.
I need to put this on my list! :beer:

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Sorry for my late reply! No just one black one....however I need to be able to ride it with the temp transit plate ! Hope to put an extended swing arm on it and will relocate the plate them!

I can't ride it with the darn fender .... My ruckus downs have any! Neither did my ridges Harley! So done with those bike toooooo main stream!

Ruckus modified

What next!
John has said he is in the process of making stock swing arm extensions, just not a full swing arm. I am in sire it will be more cost friendly than the other route too. ;)

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