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First off I would like to say I'm an IT guy who has never worked on any car or bike before :).

I ordered the K&N filter since I could get it pretty cheap and to me it looked like a good (fun) first mod.

Before I started installing it, I looked up some movies on how to do it and went to the garage ready to do this.

First I wanted to change the oil since I needed to work on the grom anyways... I unscrewed the bolt and got most of my hands full of oil, lol no biggie.
Drained the oil and started pouring in the fresh oil, I had to do this with a bottle with a very small hole since I basicly have no other stuff to do this (I recently moved away from home ;) Took me about 10 minutes to fill it up.

Alright, oil changed time to install the filter, I have to mention aswel that I am doing this in a shared parking space since my girlfriends car was parking the garage itself and i cba to ride it out.

I removed the right panel without too much trouble and started to wiggle the snorkel going to the airbox, as I have never done stuff like this I have noticed that i am too gentle with these things so again it took me about 10 minutes to get the stupid thing out, I screw the thing off and I am ready to get the new filter in there.

Ofcourse I didn't have any knife or scissors so I had to open the oil bag with a wire cutter, quite some oil on the hands again... Ah well :D
Ofcourse I spilled some oil and I am not able to cover the whole filter with oil from the little baggie so I have to rub the thing with my hands to spread the oil so the whole filter is well oiled.

Now it's time to install the thing, I try to fit it in but it's absolutely not getting in the right place :(

I try mounting in different angles and with the filter pointing out it fits quite well, I am wondering at this point why no one is mounting the filter like this?!

Actually it looks pretty badass too!

Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Motorcycle

I fire up the engine once I have screwed it tight to see how it sounds, open throttle and fuck yea it sounds ALOT better!!

By now it's getting dark so i have to put the panel on quickly, I can almost not see my tools anymore and you can guess it, no light or electricity in the garage..

Fuck the panel won't fit, ok yes i see now why no one fits the filter like this, the fucking panel won't fit anymore lol!!!

Now I have to quickly try to squize it in there, in an upright position (you know why..).

Bending the cable clamps with a screwdriver is not easy, watch your eyes!

Quickly realizing that a gentle approach won't work I use some force and i can feel the cone bending just slightly, enough to fit the thing on there. Finally I did it...

After that I could get the panel on in about 5 minutes and yep I did my first mod...

Took me over an hour to do what some people do in 15 minutes :)

Anyways here is a pic with the filter in the correct position:

Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Vehicle

I just wanted to share this so people could see that even noobs like me can do this (with some stupid mistakes along the way) ;)

I am happy with it, Altough I only drove it for like 15 minutes yet the grom sounds alot better and it revs much better into the higher rpm's 6k+

fyi didn't move the air sensor, it is still in the box, will see how it goes.
Did not reset the ecu, I will let it adapt by driving 20 or so miles.

Right when i started the engine after replacing the filter it was idling a bit higher then before at about 1,8 before It did about 1,5k after the 15 minute drive it got back to about 1,5 or 1,6ish.

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I work on bikes and cars all the time and your experience sounds pretty typical to mine. I keep cat litter on hand because I spill oil all the time.
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