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This is bad..

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Can't do anything at work, been constantly checking hondagrom website for modifications do's and don't :) hope our office is not monitoring web use :)
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NSFW xD i have the same thing, but im checking it on my phone, we have monitoring.. boo xD
It gets harder everyday.
My addiction gotten worst after getting my bike yesterday. I was monitoring the site on my mobile phone at first but it's hard to see the detailed mods :) now back to mobile stalking.
I have a 15" mac laptop and a 27" LG screen attached...

I keep a window open all day tucked away in the corner in case my boss comes to my desk...
I work for the DOI and I have not been caught yet but I have been cutting down. I have a feeling I will get told something sooner or later about being on this site at work.
Yah, I need to run a cooling system on my phone coz its over heating :)
Not sure if my new office has tracking, oh well if they do. Right now I have an estimating program, iheartradio, and hondagrom in the bookmark toolbar. No shame.
iheartradio is on my too with youtube.
I work at a honda shop so i say its work related. Lol but i do what i want as long as i get customers takin care of and orders in on time he dont get to upset. Shit im trying to make him money too.
Well with the amount of traffic hondagrom is getting, NSA probably thinking GROM stands for "grenade rocket on mobile" :)
I'm glad I'm a barber!

I'm online all day in between clients
Guys you need a proxy service, or use SSH to proxy out.
Guys you need a proxy service, or use SSH to proxy out.
Say what????
Say what????
If you can install software on your work PC, you can connect via SSH somewhere off the network, then proxy all your web traffic through SSH to your off-site machine. They won't know what sites you are visiting, just that you have an SSH connection open.
I am the network administrator. I think I'm safe.
I use a dump terminal with two colors so I don't think we have monitoring.

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