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I鈥檓 just not buying that, unless Honda personally told you. I deal with corporate Honda regularly, and they鈥檝e never told me. There is nothing about a Grom that makes it prone to everything breaking compared to the 10,000 other motorcycles out there. Having raced off-road competitively for a couple decades, I can assure you the average off-road bike takes WAY more abuse via stomping feet and massive crashes into boulders, with no linkage. I鈥檝e been there too many times myself. This is all an irrelevant debate either way, as a direct shifter works far better on a Grom in every regard鈥.
Have to agree here. My Monkey is so much better with a direct shift lever (and a shift shaft support). My wife's Super Cub 125 has essentially the same engine and came with a direct shifter, heel and toe, as standard, and it sticks out a fair bit so much more easily knocked in a drop. I added a shaft support to that bike too to reduce the free play
1 - 4 of 318 Posts