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Whats Up everyone just scooped up my Grom on Sunday and I have already started to order some stuff for it, I got my Grom for $3615 out the door it is #876 and it had 0 miles when I got it. Few things already have ordered for it are....

Flush mount Smoked Front Blinkers
13t and 14t Front Sprocket's (see what one works better)
CRG Hindsight Bar End Mirror's
Tyga Handlebar Clamp
Tyga Fly Screen
Tyga Fork Crash Bungs
Red Pin Stripe Wheel Tape
MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator Kit

Planning on doing the Air box Mod tomorrow and soon plan to start building my own exhaust for it! Here's a few pictures from Sunday when it got delivered!! (because you havent seen a stock red Grom yet!!) Ill take a lot of pictures and try to update after every mod!

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Speedometer Vehicle Auto part Odometer Gauge
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Congrats fellow Washingtonian ... let me know which front sprocket you don't like and I'll try it out ;)

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Just got back from a long day working on the Grom!! Got back just as the rain was starting I have a lot of pictures and will work on getting them on here tonight as well as an update with what I did!!

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Vehicle Motorcycle

Alright started off the day rode to my buddies house this morning and brought all my parts with me! The other Grom is my buddy's girlfriends!! He has an FZ-8 and she has the Grom!!!

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Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Alloy wheel

Took the Stock Mirrors off. 14MM FYI
Light Automotive lighting Gun Vehicle Headlamp

With the CRG's you have to do a little modification to the stock handlebars.
Helmet Personal protective equipment Footwear Auto part Tire

Plumber Drain cleaner Impact wrench Plumbing

Gotta Drill out the inside all the way up to a 1/2. Start low and work you way up one drill bit size at a time!
Arm Vehicle Auto part Bicycle part

Here is the bar end after the ends were drilled out!

And the finished product on the right side!

Now I guess I can only have 10 attachments per post so all star another post for the res of tonight's mods!!


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Thats me the Fat guy drilling out the left side!
Product Footwear Room Recreation Vehicle

Drilling away through about 5 different size bits! My buddy derrick in the back!
Auto part Vehicle Bumper Car Engine

Did the Air box Mod and it didn't help me :(
Tire Automotive tire Alloy wheel Wheel Auto part

Took off the reflectors, they looked terrible!

The silver blinker peices on the sides needed to be plasti dipped black!
Auto part Bumper Automotive lighting Vehicle

Pretty easy to tear them down and put in the new flush mount smoked LED blinkers.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Tire Vehicle Red

Here's the finished product, they turned out good also make sure you do the 522 flasher relay so they will blink!!
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Tire Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Wheel
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Alloy wheel Motor vehicle

To cap it off I too off more useless stickers that I did not like.

Overall as far as the air box mod it didn't help me at all, before the mod I could hit 56MPH flat land and now I can go exactly the same!
Still have some work to do and its nothing special now but still have more plans for it!

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Just realized I haven't posted a final picture of the CRG's here they are very very happy with them and I can see way better now than I could with the stock ones!
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Vehicle Exhaust system Auto part Automotive tire Tire

Also here are the pictures of my buddy Derricks Girlfriends Grom, while I was working on mine he did an HID on hers!
This was a very tricky install and this is still a work in progress, everything is done but we had a problem with the high beams. There no flickering or anything just need to work in the high beams! We didn't have enough beer to finish this project!

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Got the MNNTHBX FE kit on this weekend, awesome product and great quality. Install was simple (except black mark being wrong) Very happy with how it looks! I had to put my Plate on sideways because it would hit my exhaust and be off center if I went horizontal, so sideways it went. Put on my 15k HID also, but i forgot to take a picture ill try to get one tonight. Its very bright and very blue!

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