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Hey Guys,

While doing the build on my FZ09 I was asked to post up my Grom build. I will back date it a bit but I still have a long way to go on this beast! I just picked up a Grom for my girlfriend to ride around with me and I am pretty pumped about it. So pumped I ended up buying one the next day. I have always been a fan of building minis and want to have a lot of fun with this one. I am not going for the fastest or the flashiest Grom but I want to build a nice, clean, performance Grom to get around LA.

It should come together over the next few weeks here and I will be updating as most the parts go on. I have most of the parts for the build already except for some things that I need to pick up from the guys at Steady Garage this week!

Here is a little overview of the build!

Controls - Motion Pro Revolver Throttle, Billet Switch Controls, RSC Billet Shortie clutch

Clamps/Bars - Vortex V3 MX Bend bars, GPR V4 Steering Stabilizer, GPR 1 1/8 Oversized Bar Mounts

Front Brakes - Brembo Monoblock billet caliper, G-Craft caliper bracket, Magura 195 Radial 13mm, Magura Remote resi, EBC V Rotor, EBC Pads, HEL Brake Lines

Rear Brake - Full throttle Inc Master Adapter, HEL Brake Line, Brembo 34m Caliper, EBC V Rotor, EBC Pads

Hand Brake - Magura 195 Radial 13mm, HEL Line,Full throttle inc Adapter, Brembo 34m Caliper, EBC Pads

Suspension - MNNTHBX Forks and Tripple clamps, MNNTHBX Shock

Drive - Vortex Rear Sprocket, JT Front, DID ER420 Gold Chain, Ti Sprocket Bolts

Tires Wheels - Bridgestone Bt-601ss Tires, Ariete Aluminum Valve Stems, Takegawa Aluminum spaces,Takegawa Hollow Axles

Body - TDM Halo Headlight, MNNTHBX Under tail, TYGA Carbon Sprocket cover, TYGA Carbon Side Cover, Takegawa Carbon Tank cover, Saddlemen Seat, MNNTHBX Faux Frame, ESD Axle Slider, ESD Footpegs

Engine - Chimera Intake, K&N Filter, Akropovic GP Full System, Bazzaz Fi Controller, Bazzaz Quick shifter, Zeta Magnet drain plug, MNNTHBX Cam Covers

At 93 miles I figured it was time to start tinkering a little bit.

Clean stock and Fresh at 93 miles

Re mounted the horn and removed all the stickers

A few of the parts shaping up for the build

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Another $10k grom, lol

There's a guy selling a racetech rear shock on here, $750, think that's quite a bit less then list price

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I ran down to Steady Garage and picked up some more of the parts this afternoon. I was pretty pumped on their shop and even ended up picking up a few more parts after I got there. I didn't get to do as much work as I liked today but I was able to do a few things.

Mounted Battery tender - I am going to route this up to the headlight bucket tomorrow and make a bracket from the triple clamp to attach the USB converter to charge a phone/gps when it is mounted in the RokForm case on the bars.

Installed the Chimera Intake - I was super impressed with this piece. I installed the whole kit except for the Fairing rod tonight. I will get the scale out tomorrow to weight the stock airbox but I would assume that I shaved off 4 pounds as well as the clean intake track. I will be riding it tomorrow and on the Dyno Monday but as far as response and sound it defiantly is taking in a lot more air.

Billet Clutch Perch - On my 450 this made a pretty big difference in flex. On this it just turned out to be eye candy.

Charcoal Canister - When I had the tank off I tracked down the emissions system. Removed all parts and mounts and it now much cleaner.


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Another pretty good day in the shop. I had a lot going on today so I could only spend the evening working on the bike but still got a bit done tonight.

Boomerangs and key covers - Sanded and primed the Boomerangs and key covers while the sun was still out to let dry overnight. I will wet sand them a bit in the morning and put a few coats of Matte black down on them.

Intake Track - When I installed the Chimera intake yesterday I noticed that the stock intake manifold itself was not the quality of Japan. I blueprinted (With only the finest sharpie in the world) out the intake track and will match the track up with the porting tool tomorrow. I would love to get the head on the porting bench but I don't have any gaskets right now so I will save that for a few days down the road. (On a side the note the Chimera intake made a VERY sizable difference in power and throttle response right out of the box)

Rearsets - Neither my girlfriend or I have spent enough time on the grom to really know what direction we would like to go with them yet. Normally I would go straight for the Vortex option but they are not yet available. I decided to replace the pegs with a nice set of ESD pegs and powder coat the rear sets matte black for the time being.

Carbon Covers - I didn't want to go overkill with the Carbon as most parts are not much of a difference in weight to drop but a few pieces caught my eye. I Picked up the Takagawa tank cover as well as the TYGA sprocket and side cover from Steady Garage.

Horn Mount - Pretty simple mod. I removed the two mounting brackets and reused the ground mounts after I bent them at a 90. They ended up aligned perfectly with the bolt holes when I spaced the two plates 2mm down from each other before I bent them at a 90 in the vice. I also had to grind off about 2mm to clear the locator on the triple clamp so that it mounted proper.

Filter - Not much to say here. I saw a red door and I wanted to paint it black.

Dual Caliper Bracket - I am waiting until the 450 master arrives before I mount the HEL line but I was curious of the stoping power of the caliper so I tossed it on to go up and down the street. Needles to say after I gave it a rip I literally threw the stock caliper in the trash. The stock caliper was about as useful and Fred Flintstones heels in a hockey rink. The handbrake will go on tomorrow or Monday.

Tunes - I woke up this morning and wanted to run to the coffee shop with my lady and the fit on my bluetooth speaker was to good to be true. It took a relaxing Saturday morning coffee a few notches up. I am not sure how it will fit when I mount the GPR clamps and ProTaper bars but for now it jams.


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I got to spend some good time on the build today. I will be out and about the next few days so I wanted to put a good dent in the work. It is Sunday funday right?

Porting the Intake - Still bumming that I do not have the gaskets yet to port the head but I was able to match up the manifold with the head and throttle body dead on. I also ended up painting the manifold with some hi temp enamel.

Painting the starter - I wanted to order the MNNTHB Faux Frame cover to cover some of the less pretty pieces but it was on backorder so when I was digging in I decided to pull the starter sand it up and toss some low gloss engine enamel on it.

Seat fix - I was already over the whole shimmy shakedown do get the seat on and off so I removed the handle strap and spaced the seat hooks about 4mm with some stainless washers. It still is a bit of a job but it comes on and off WAY easier now.

TDM Headlight and flush blinkers - After painting the boomerangs yesterday I was pumped to throw the headlight and smoked flush blinkers on today. This was one sexy facelift.

Skinny girl diet - Not just the air box was a fat chunk of weight there are so many redundant mounts all over the bike. These are not all of the parts but I shaved off just over 11 pounds today.

Dime Stoppers - Here is a sneak peak of what the front brake is going to look like. I have the HEL line and am just waiting on my G-Craft caliper bracket.

Still some good work ahead but here is side shot so far.

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