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Targa fender eliminator tag light trouble

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I recently bought a targa fender eliminator its the one on ebay that come without tjrn signals so you can install an integrated taill light. Well I hooked the tag light wires up correctly with my stock tag ligh wires. Green to solid black and yellow to black and white sriped wire. But still cant get the tag light to work. Its an led light btw. Thought my hot wire wasnt hot but I tested it and it is. I also tested the light to make sure it works and it does so Has anyone else on here ever bought the same product and have any trouble? My grom also does not have any turn signals at the moment, would that have anything to do with the tag light not working?

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i have the targa kit and from what i remember, it was a direct connection to the oem plate light.

you shouldn't need a load resistor as the plate light is ran directly to the stator.
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