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Takegawa Super Multi TFT Meter / Koso RX-3 TFT Tachometers For MSX125/Grom

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Hi, looking into getting the Takegawa Super Multi TFT Meter tach for my 2014 MSX125. It is listed on Bens Bike Racing under the 2013-2020 Grom section so I assume that must come with the Grom mounting bracket, but I cannot find any material on the dash online basically.

I want to know, where do I hook up the "RPM input signal" wire? Seems like it comes off the ignition coil maybe?

I dont care for the AFR readings, as I will be using my aRacer Mini X for those, but I am going to hookup the temp sensor in the oil drain plug. I will also obviously have to connect the main 2 buttons to the dash too so I can control it.

I just want to know if anyone has any other videos or info on it being used on a Grom/MSX125 as the eastcoastish video is all I can find, and that is for a monkey and he doesn't detail where the RPM signal wire hooks up. Most the stuff relating to this dash that is online is in Japanese too.

I will say I would much prefer the Takegawa version than the Koso, mainly due to the gauge face having a nicer look to it in my opinion.

Can anyone help me? Cheers
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I wouldn’t think you need to run a wire for the RPM signal on the Grom as the original gauge already has a tacho unlike the Monkey.
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