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hey whats up I just recently just picked up a 2018 grom in September with 33 miles for 2800, I got super lucky with this pick up lol
pictures will be posted soon!

Pro Taper klx100 handlebars
Pro Taper grips
Bar End Mirrors
ASV C5 brake and clutch levers
Moto Dynamic integrated tail light
test front turn signals
Dinger built mid length intake
two brothers tarmac exhaust
Straight up oil pump
kobo clutch plate
sex machine 30% springs
NDC Chain adjusters
d.i.d super non o ring 420 chain
jt sprocket 14
blue ridge fork wrap
kitaco throttle tube
ngk iridium spark plug
ngk spark plug cable

upcoming mods

cjr ecu flash
z&z customs rear sets, Axel sliders, sub and crash cage

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Lucky pickup is right!

If you're building a stunt Grom I'd get the cage first!

Also, most stunt guys recommend 60% stiffer springs. I'd also recommend getting a clutch plate with 6 holes instead of 3. That way you can tap the clutch plate and add extra screws in the future if you'd like. Plus, one of the clutch plate brands has fitment issues and I believe it's the Koso.

I would get a high mount exhaust for a stunt bike or else you're going to be constantly bashing the exhaust when you drop the bike.
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