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that type of "stretch" has been in the motorcycle industry for many years, i remember seeing them offered for other bikes when i was trying to stretch my R1 and was pissed they only worked on the "hollow tube style rear swing arms"
so the only way to stretch as R1 was with a $5,000 kit, rather then a $600 bolt on kit offered for the smaller bikes. some examples here: used street bikes,extended swingarms,MA,RI,FAT tires,Yamaha,Suzuki,Honda,Kawasaki,used custom motorcycles

Regardless, them being the same price or even close id still go with compismo. We all know the customer support is going to be there. (not saying it wont with the other guy) Id much rather do biz with a company that only offers
products for 1-6 specific make of bikes rather then a company that does stuff for 100's of different makes stype of bikes.

Just brace yourself, there is going to be many of these style stretches coming. The ideas/design is not groundbreaking it has been done with other bike in the past.
When others make a similar one its not a personal stab to the first person that made one for this specific bike. Its just bound to happen.

I'm personally holding out for a new entire swingarm.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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