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I am sure we will see all different versions of stock exhaust modifications. This is what I came up with. It sounds great, louder but not too loud and no popping at all on decel while in gear. I'll post pics after pc.

Needed to rid the tail of that big stock can...
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Rim

First we dissected it:
Auto part Engine

After some P.I.T.A. internal work, it was neatly welded back together.
Leg Hand Auto part Helmet

A quick mock-up of the header pipe, connector piece, and can.
Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Motorcycle Tire

Once fitment was perfect, all final welding was done. The stock hanger bracket was welded back into place onto the can. It sounds nice, and seems to flow much better. It'll be coated soon! :hondalogo:
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle

After installing a Bazzaz ZFi I had to weld in a bung. Figured I'd add that to this thread.
First a little hole sawing.

Test fit & grind. Then repeat.
Cutting tool Pipe Auto part Tool

A little welding.
Welder Welding Light Service Automotive lighting

Then the charcoal canister was removed to make room for the Bazzaz.
Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Tire Motorcycle

Wide band in its final resting place. Now, let's see what the Bazzaz is all about.:happy10:
Auto part Vehicle Engine Automotive exhaust Car

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Looks awesome. Did you pack it?

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