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South Bay LA - West LA - Meetups/Rides/General Local Chat

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I didn't want to keep jacking the "So-Cal Grom Riders" thread, so I figure to make a new one. Just a general South Bay/West LA thread for our local meets, rides, events we go to, and if anyone in the area needs assistance, who can lend a hand.

Typically this area is mainly the Beach Cities and surrounding inland cities of Santa Monica down to Palos Verdes.

My name is Kevin

I'm beginning to hold rides every Thursday at 10pm meeting at the Chevron/McDonalds at the intersection of El Segundo Blvd & Sepulveda Blvd in the city of El Segundo.

101 S Sepulveda Blvd
El Segundo‎ California‎ 90245
United States

Each ride we head out and find somewhere late night to eat and hangout while keeping a watchful eye on our bikes of course.

We've had rides roughly 60 miles, and that sounds like a decent beginning of range for our rides.

There are other rides me and another member go to pretty often, a once a month ride with a group called the South Bay Scooter Club every first Saturday of every month, meeting in the city of Torrance at the Torrance Crossroads Plaza, at the corner of Crenshaw Blvd & Lomita Blvd. 11AM/Noon

As that's the basic information of monthly & weekly rides, lets let the chit chatting begin..
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Joe's Mini Bike Reunion is coming soon, on September 21st.

It's more of an older bike show/group event, but in a way, you'll learn your roots if you got a GROM. Alot of these older Hondas in the 60's will have a similar motor setup of the GROM. They are typically a 50cc, with an auto clutch, and a kick starter on a 6 volt system, but you can see how the original setup was, compared to what we are spoiled with today.

I'll be bringing my '63 Honda Trail 55 (Honda Cub), and TheyCallMeD will be bringing his fun modded CT70 to enter the event.

Joe's Minibike Reunion 2013

If enough interest generates, we can setup a meetup/group ride to the event, if not, we'll see ya there!
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2 more nights, thinking Albertos in Hawaiian Gardens.

Tomorrow night - 10pm @ Chevron McDonalds in El Segundo.

See ya there!
^^ Sounds good! See ya then Mike! Fridays off are always fun to have!
Fun times tonight, had 4 of us at Alberto's in Hawaiian Gardens. 2 on bikes, 2 others in their cars. Fun ride there next to the 91 freeway, keeping up with some cars that were on the freeway, and fun times taking the fun long stretches of downhill industrial route back.

Next Thursday, another ride, another route!
quick day ride today after wrenching on the bikes, adjusting the brake and shifter levers on TheyCallMeD's bike, adjusting my throttle to remove the 1" or so of play that it had.

Took a ride around Torrance for some In n Out, then headed up towards Palos Verdes for a spirited ride through the hills. TheyCallMeD called me out on having my red/blue stripe on my front tire still, so we went around this evening to attempt to erase them. Almost gone ;)
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See everyone tonight! It's gonna be a blast as always!
This week's Thursday ride is canceled, it's my birthday & family has plans for me. Until next week folks!
This Thursday! October 3rd

10pm, Chevron/Mcdonalds in El Segundo

See ya then!
Short notice, but me and Dan might be going to meet up with some buddies South Bay Scooter Club tomorrow at noonish in Torrance. Torrance Crossroads. 1:30pm leaving, heading out for a ride, then get some food afterwards.

If anyone wants to meet up before the ride hit me up.
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Anyone want to ride this weekend? I'm not sure route, destination, or day or time, but I want to ride this weekend.

Also, as an update, I've moved to Shadow Hills/Burbank area, so I'm not really local to host future rides. I'll be looking for some of the GROM guys out here though!
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