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Some photos of the M1GP 24 Hour Super Endurance Race w/ GROM

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Racing with M1GP in the annual 24 Hour Endurance Race. The team was Team GROMtastic and we raised over $2000 for our charity Riders For Health.

We raced with a nearly stock Honda GROM. Only changes were some safety wiring, Michelin Pilot Power Pure SC, removed all lighting, mirrors and rear fender. Most of the team had never even sat on a GROM until race day. We competed in the MOD 100 class against highly modified XR100's and TTR125s. Team GROMtastic placed 3rd in our class and 4th overall out of 12 teams.

Attached are some photos of the GROM and Team GROMtastic in action. Expect to see more GROMs racing with M1GP for the remainder of the 2013 season. Rumor has it M1GP will have a GROM specific race class or classes.


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Will you guys be racing at Round 9 at Grange Motor Circuit ?
Yes, at least 2 of us will be racing our GROMs in classes that can allow a 125cc air cooled bike for Round 9 at Grange.
And everyone griped about their stock pegs hitting, HA, wear them off!
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I can't even handle the stock seat for longer than 45 minutes.
Thanks for sharing
And everyone griped about their stock pegs hitting, HA, wear them off!
We ended up running shortened and modified Honda NSR pegs. They sat higher up and a lower profile, giving us more lean angle. Still, everyone would have preferred a rear set or stock rear set risers. We only has a week with the bike before the race, most of the setup was done the night before at the track.
Me thinks this is cool as a moose.

I rode those hills in the background way back in the 60's/70's and watched a lot of road racing, bikes & cars.
I'm assuming this is @ Willow Springs, correct?
I noticed those pegs too, I did the same with a slightly modified set from a 600rr today until Tyga comes through with some rear sets. I also see what appears to be an Ohlins rear shock?

I wish you guys were in Nor Cal! Great pics, hopefully you'll get some video of the action uploaded at some point. :big smile:

WOW... I have ridden a 12 hour endurance before, but 24 is just simply insane!!! How did the bike hold up? Any issues big or small? How many miles did you put on it during the race?
Is that Annette?!? Lol if so, did she race with you guys or no?

Great pics btw. Kudos to Team Gromtastic!
Love seeing the grom come up into road racing
Well done! Especially raising money for charity. This is an amazing story. God bless the entire Team Gromtastic family.
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