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I went to my dealer and put down $500 dollars for a grom. talked the guys ear off for about a half hour.

He said that they will have them in their show room by the end of july. I was the second guy on the list he said. But forth bike reserved.. I said," wait what?" He told me that a guy came in and wants three of them. gave a deposit for each. SOAB. So I said to him why three. and he says well one in each color.....

Nearly shite my pants. He said theres Red, Black and WHITE

So I argued with him saying that there is no white on the website and he made me walk into his office and see the invoice/fax from Honda.

Clearly stated (BLK; RED; WTE) So unless WTE stands for some other mystery I will be getting a white grom. In NJ.

If you are the other guy that put a deposit down @ Monmouth Cycles in NJ let me know! we can ride when they come out.

Well now on to the shitty news. After I left Monmouth CYCLES my father calls me only to tell me that my co-worker got killed on his motorcycle last night, driving to LBI. Put knots in my stomach and now I really don't know what to do. Guess I have some time to soak that in till the grom comes. But its really hard for me to even think about riding right now with a friend lost like that... and he was on yammi cruiser. :confused:
Any way you can get a copy of the fax, that would be awesome for us to post up here on the site.
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