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soft front fork

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This is not a how to , just some good info so you dont waste your $. I called race tech for some front springs last week (150.00 ouch ) , and they never sent them . Today I called them and a sales guy said the front forks are a pain in the ass and 200.00 in special tools and a press are needed . That is the truth . For about 350.00 (springs 150.00 , fork disassembly and reassembly 125.00 fork oil 1 pint 30.00 and disassembly of the lower fork legs 50.00 ) they will do the job . I told them that I needed more info before I sent my forks out ( are you putting heavier oil in the forks to compensate for the stronger springs , are you changing the fork oil height , etc ) After waiting 30 min on the phone I talked to the engineer and he said he is gonna make fully adjustable cartridges that will be released 2 months or so for now .The moral of the story is if you want forks that really work , wait a few months and have them done all together rather than doing it twice for more money .Im 205 lb and the front suspension is way to soft for me , the stock fork spring rate is .4 and for my weight i need a .65 rate .If you just do the springs dont expect any miracles its a check valve system that is used for fluid transfer , much like a ktm 50cc motocross bike . Hope this helps everyone
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Forks springs will help the bottoming issue. I'm having some wound next week by a company that did all the springs for my mini SUMO bikes. The springs are $100 and they'll do any weight you want.

The check valve system can be manipulated with oil weight, but not completely controlled.

I for one won't be spending a bundle on this bike, it costs less than the forks that were on my GSXR. I'm saving up for the next big Awesome at the end of the month FZ9 here I come!
Nefariousd , will your guy sell springs to the public < if so id be interested . Race tech wanted 116.00 for the springs and 55.00 to cut them to fit ( that was last week ). now 150.00 is the new price .
Yes, I'm going to send him a spring next week after I teach this weekend and use the bike for demo's. He said he'll have mine back in 7-10 Business days. Once he has the dimensions he can make any rate that will fit within reason.

I might try to measure the spring here on my press, but I sold all the stuff associated with doing it. I used to do RaceTech and Traxxion Dynamics stuff when I had the shop.

How were you able to determine the stock ones were .4's ?
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