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So we delete threads without notice

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Where in the forum rules does it say a regular individual can not post a for sale thread?

And what kind of Mods approve deletion of a thread without notice, question, or reason?
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First I've seen this thread. If you put stuff on your bike and don't like it and want to sell it go ahead. I personally will not delete your thread. If you buy an item and decide you don't like it and want to sell it before you even mount it. Go ahead. I personally wont delete it.

But... if you order a bunch of stuff in bulk and then post a bunch of items up for sale. Like a vendor would. And you are not a vender. And a member brings it to my attention. Then yes, that is the type of thread I will personally delete.

Keep in mind, even with all of this, I need to hear a complaint from a member before I will delete that type of thread.

But that is just me. Can't speak for anyone else.

I'm pretty much going to echo this. I think the distinction we are talking about is whether or not a person advertises an item in a for sale thread that they plan on selling many of, or are manufacturing for future sale with out the vendor status.
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