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Snake Skin design Corbin Seat for my custom build

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Picked up my custom made Corbin seat for my Grom,

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Wow...looks pretty sick. Nice choice. Can't wait to see the final results. Oh wait there is no result. It's always a never ending mods...
yep have to wait till my Grom comes in from Berkeley Honda.
Taking my plastics around the local paint shops in Santa Clara to get a estimate cost for painting them Copper and Silver

The RED Grom that I picked up is still on my truck so the painter can see what a GROM is
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It's just leather that has snake skin designed stamped and hammered on or pressed onto the leather than the leather is dyed into the color that you want. Leather is more durable for motorcycle riding.

There are people that use real snake skin or what other exotic skins out there and the cost of the seat will go way up. This was a way I did my Grom with min cost of mods, most mods are done by me and looking at the Grom as a blank piece of canvas and I add my touches according to my style

I look at stretched Grom as NOT for me, also lowered Groms as NOT safe for railing the canyon roads, but to each their own.

I like the color of my Hayabusa and I'm painting my Grom the same color scheme, except I'll have silver/bare metal color on the swing arm, rims, brake calipers, front fork bottoms and hopefully the triple tree area, meaning I'm doing a lot of Black paint stripping by myself and clear coating these parts to reduce the maintenance cleaning time.

Major mods will be the fly wheel and oil spinner lightening, the 170cc kit, the front fork caps air assist mod, swing arm needle bearing upgrade, braided brake lines, air box mod.

I try to keep my mods at more bang for the bucks and best buy for the riding style that I do.

I love the copper/silver color on my Hayabusa so the same paint will go on the Grom
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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