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Small bike hazards

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Dangers are all around when you ride a motorcycle, and while excessive speed is always near the top of the list of hazards, there are some additional hazards that a smaller bike like the Grom presents. I have discovered two. First, if you are not very familiar with your acceleration and top speed, you can easily either pull out in front of someone or fail to merge properly with traffic which normally gets you honked at or flashed. A second small bike safety concern is the fact that engine braking is minimal. You cannot rely on it for very much slowing ability. This means you can enter turns too hot! These 2 issues probably apply more to riders who are accustomed to larger faster bikes, but I mention them because I have experienced both of them on more than one occasion with the Grom. I suppose I could add the tire hopping that occurs when you downshift since there is no slipper clutch but that is not really a size issue and has more to do with aggressive downshifting of any bike without a slipper clutch.

Are there any other safety issues you have experienced related to the Grom or other small bike that may not be a problem with larger, faster bikes?
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I feel that your brain is a computer, what you input to it, will tell you what to do in a reactive situation. This means if you are an experienced dirt bike rider, your quick reaction will be what you would do in the dirt and that may not be always correct for the street. I also have experienced both of what AJ Nin & GrOmkid89 have posted.

I have about 40 years into dirt bike riding and racing (desert) which is worthless when you start street riding .
The best thing to happen to me was my son got me a company loaner bike but I had to take a safety course before I could ride the bike. That course was an eye opener which taught that most times when you would get cut off or pulled out in front of it was because (not always) the driver did not see you. Somebody with a lot of street experience already knows this, however if you are starting out with only dirt experience this is a danger time to be very aware of.

The point of this is if you are an experienced dirt rider you “don’t” know all that is required for the street and also….the reverse of this is also true.
I’m at a point that I’m getting the hang of it (streetriding) but still have some learning to do. Also I feel there is a danger time in which when you start to feel comfortable, you can get complacent meaning mistakes can be made and get you into trouble.

All the stuff said in the above posts, I feel is correct. The biggest safety concerns I have are being seen and also my riding habits telling drivers what I’m about to do.
One thing of note is turn signals in which I’m going to change. The concern is the signal view, behind and from the front for other drivers to view. I want the signals sticking out far enough to be easy visible (even from the side) and I like the LED setups.
I will think of some thing trick & post it up if workable.

Safe driving gang. :smile:
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