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Selling a motorcycle SOP?

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Hey Guys,

I'm rusty... The last time I sold a bike was back in 2002 and I think it was an unusual transaction. The guy didn't test ride it himself, he just followed me in his car while I rode it to the bank for us to finalize the deal.

Obviously the potential buyer should be able to ride it before buying, right? I guess I'm a little paranoid they might ride off with it or even worse, crash or drop it.

So what's the procedure these days?

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Thanks for the replies! I will keep these things in mind... I was thinking about the doing some kind of liability document but I agree it might not do any good if it came down to filing something. Good point on the riding skill issue, Oni.
I have always required cash in hand and a closed sale, but also usually offer the potential buyer up to 10 miles and/or 60 minutes test riding time (or mechanical assessment) to return the bike, no questions asked, as long as it is in the same shape and not wrecked, pulled apart, etc. For liability, I simply won't let buyers ride my bikes, but will give them a narrow return window so they can have some buyer's protection and peace of mind.
Thanks for the feedback, EZ... I don't know if I would offer that type of return policy but it does sound very fair. The only thing I could see being a pain with that type of deal is if they do return it you have to go back and deal with the title documents that you had already signed over.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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