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Seat Wont Come Off.

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Turning the key has no effect at all. You get the same reaction trying to remove the seat without turning the key.

Lots of bikes have this feature to remove the seat. How do you fix it? The dealer is 20 miles away.

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Dude you need to read this forum more. OK to get it off might take two folks. One to turn the key and one to push down on the front of the seat while lifting the rear and pulling the whole thing back.

How to fix.

Under the bolts that hold the seat strap on, you will find two hooks. Remove the nuts, remove the seat strap, remove the hooks, put a washer on the studs, replace the hooks, replace the strap if you want.

It is HARD to pull that strap off, takes some wiggling.

Seat works GREAT after that.
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